Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste

Seattle Scrap buys and recycles all types of Electronic Waste materials. We’ll visit your company, assess the scrap, and set up recycling services.

We offer free pick up service and can also receive deliveries at our warehouse.

Here is a brief list of What We Buy, Receive, and Recycle:

1) Computers – Servers, Networking Equipment
2) Laptops – Tablets, Hand-Held Devices
3) Cell Phones – Communication Equipment, Telecom Scrap
4) IT Equipment, Circuitry
5) IC Boards, Circuit Boards, Laminate Boards
6) Processors,
7) Testing Equipment, Aviation, Hi-Tech, Military Scrap
8) Electronic Components, Switches, Routers, Gaming Stations
9) Machinery, Automotive eScrap
10) If electricity runs through it, we recycle it!

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