We Don’t Charge A Fee

We Don’t Charge A Fee

We Don’t Charge A Fee. Seattle Scrap does not charge a fee to remove or pick up any computer scrap or electronic waste. As a matter of fact we actually buy some of this scrap. Granted, many times we will pick it up or receive it but not buy it, but we never charge customers for disposal.

Our long experience tells us that when a fee is charged recycling rates go down. So it has the opposite effect of helping the environment and preserving raw materials. We find it ironic that companies charge a fee when some of the scrap is worth money. They are making money off you two ways: They charge to take it and then they turn around and sell it. We don’t do that to our customers.

We want to encourage recycling, not discourage it. And for that reason we will never charge a fee for recycling. If you have any questions or would like more information do not hesitate to contact us any time. We would be glad to meet you, tour your company, and discuss your recycling needs. Furthermore, we provide our customers all types of packaging materials for free.

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Don't Charge A Fee